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It's cost efficient to upgrade older machines but also important from a safety point of view.
Trancel Restatic is since many years’ specialists on rebuilding and upgrading older machines.

With the documented expertise and many years of experience collected in the company we know how to with small means effect the handling, raise the performance and extend the lifetime on different machine types.

This is a service that has become more and more appreciated by our customers following the fact that on paper mills around the world there is a lot of older machines where mechanical functions work but control system and technology is out of date.

We have a skilful automation division, which plans and carry out the rebuilding of machines of all parts. This means for example:

  • Install new motors and drives that increase the automation level with for example automatic knife adjustment and core input

  • Raises the safety level dramatically in connection with the rebuilding

  • Update machines to give longer lifetime and more effective handling

  • Increase roll quality

  • Upgrade machines so they after the rebuilding fulfil today’s demands on EC-declaration

  • Minimize possible deceleration times at the rebuilding

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